Tuesday, 25 June 2013

4 Comical Moments from Grandmother (Nan)

1. "Do you have a tissue?" Asked when we were in the middle of the children's swimming pool. I think my brother had sneezed, or maybe she just wanted to clean her nose. Who knows? Whose nose? Not me - not I! Not mine! Nobody knows now, but what we do know is that it was an unforgettable comedy moment.

2. "Is that a Gobbit?" Asked in the cinema watching the first Lord of the Rings film. Nearly right, Nan!

3. "Let's listen to Celon Dijon." Erm, that'll be Celine Dion, Nan. Incidentally Celine Dion performed at this year's Chinese New Year television gala. She performed a song with the Chinese singer Song Zuying. Miss Song and Miss Dion sang a short song, Lang Lang was playing the piano somewhere ... Celine also gave a performance of One Smore Opened the Door ...

4. Working out in the park with Holly the dog.

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